About Us

Who We Are

I RUN JHB is a premium South African street culture lifestyle brand. I RUN JHB fuses South African traditional culture, Kasi (township) street trends and African traditional culture aesthetics to create Urban street wear called UMSWENKO. Umswenko is an authentic South African street sub-culture and an expression of dressing well.

Target Market: I RUN JHB target market is the youth aged between 18-35 years and this is made of tourists and the international audience.


Why the name I RUN JHB

The name of the brand is inspired by the aim to celebrate the iconic world class city that is Johannesburg which is synonymous with the bright city lights where ambitious beings collide and come together to hustle and find ways to attain their dreams. Johannesburg is known to be the go to city if you are a dreamer and hustler who aims to make their dreams a reality . I RUN JHB garments are the epitome of Johannesburg as a city that accommodates decedents from different parts of Africa so it was only fitting we name our brand after Johannesburg as we are the only brand that accommodates different South African traditional cultures and street sub cultures.